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  • List of Schools Using CSS Profile

    Participating Institutions and Programs The following colleges, universities, and scholarship programs use PROFILE, Noncustodial PROFILE, and/or IDOC as part of their financial aid process for some or all of their financial aid applicants. Please contact the institution for more information. CSS Code Name State PROFILE PROFILE for International Students Noncustodial PROFILE IDOC 0690 10,000 Degrees […]

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  • Peter Thiel and Higher Education

      Peter is one of the great immigration stories of the 21st Century. Like many immigrant families, his father moved them quite often because of his work. You can imagine how difficult it might be for a child to move all over the world switching elementary schools seven different times. Thankfully, Peter’s father finally settled […]

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  • Another Perspective on Obama Plan

          Margaret Spellings on Obama Plan Margaret Spellings was Education Secretary under Bush. Read her perspective on President Obama’s 3 point plan to reform Higher Education.

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  • College Professors do not like online courses

        Survey of Faculty Attitudes on Technology Check out this survey Gallup did for Inside Higher Ed. Do you think the professors surveyed did any substantive research on the quality of online education before answering the survey? Are the professor’s attitudes justified or more reflective of an elitist, Luddite mentality more interested in self-preservation […]

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  • President Obama Wants to Fix Higher Education

      Unfortunately, because the speeches in New York and New Jersey were delivered just before the weekend during a vacation time for many of the headliners on popular, political talk shows and Syria decided to use chemical weapons on its own people, President’s Obama’s speeches on Higher Education didn’t seem to register. However, we are […]

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  • 3 Positive Takeaways from Bennett’s New Book

    I want to be clear. Bennett and his ghost writer do not have your student’s best interest in mind by writing this book. They are only interested in a political agenda. Their rhetoric is irresponsible. However, if I could distill all of the hyperbole, incoherent and conflicting ideas, inaccurate and inappropriate use of stats, and […]

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  • College is Worth It!

    Disclosure: I am a college consultant. I make my living convincing people to pay me for my solutions and services that will help them matriculate into a best fit school with an informed interest in a future career path. I absolutely believe college is worth it. I believe down in the marrow of my bones […]

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  • Critics of College

    In this series of posts, we are taking on the critics of a college education. We continue looking at the Preface of William Bennett’s recent book, Is College Worth It? In our last post, we commented that the title of this Preface The Truth About College should be titled, Opinions Based on Faulty Logic and […]

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